How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House

One of the questions we are frequently asked by people is: “How much will it cost to paint my house?”

Painting your home can cost between $1,300 and $14,000 (AUD), depending on various factors. 

Let’s take a look at what some of these factors are.

At the end of this article, you will find precise figures if you are looking for an estimate of how much it will cost to paint your house.

The size of your home


The size of your home plays a large part in how much it will cost to paint. The more rooms you have, the more time is needed to paint them!

For example, if you have a one-bedroom apartment, it can cost up to $2,000 to paint. If you have a two-bedroom apartment, the cost can increase up to $3,800. Finally, a three-bedroom apartment can cost up to $4,500.

The size of the rooms plays a part too.

Three large bedrooms will cost more to paint than three small bedrooms.

The scope of what needs painting


It may be that not everything in your home needs to be painted. 

For example, suppose you recently had your new baby’s nursery freshly decorated. In that case, you may decide to paint all of the rooms apart from that one.

If you want to paint your home’s exterior, you may agree not to paint the old garden fence panels as you will be replacing them soon anyway.

The number of rooms and types of things that need painting can affect how much the final quote will be.

The state of your walls

You need to have the walls of your home prepped before painting can begin to ensure a high-quality result. 

For example, cracks need to be filled, dirt needs to be pressure washed away, and wallpaper needs to be removed. In addition, if there is mold, this needs to be treated before painting can start.

If your walls need a lot of TLC before painting begins, this will increase costs.

If you want to save money, you can prep the walls yourself before the painters come in.

Whether you will be changing the color of the walls


If your walls are currently a dark color and you want to lighten them up, this will affect the cost.

More prep work and additional coats of paint will be needed if you want a drastic color change. This will ensure the new paint job looks as good as possible.

Whether you want the inside or outside of your home painted

When you decide to paint your home, you may paint the interior, exterior, or both. This will have an impact on how much the final cost will be.

If you have a three-bedroom house, it can cost up to $6,500 to paint the inside. If you want to paint the outside, this can cost upwards of $14,000.

Paint for exterior walls and fittings is typically more expensive, as it has been specially formulated to be weatherproof.

Your painter may also have to hire specialist equipment to paint the outside of your home, which may increase costs.

If you want to save money, getting your interior and exterior walls painted simultaneously makes sense, as the painters can use some of the same resources.

Whether your exterior walls are smooth or textured

The walls of a home can vary greatly. Some exterior walls are smooth, and others have a lot of texture to them.

Generally, textured walls take longer to prep and paint, increasing the cost. This is because dirt can get stuck in the little ridges and more time needs to be spent ensuring that the ridges are fully painted.

Can I do the painting myself?


If you are looking to make savings, you can paint the interior or exterior of your home yourself.

Although you may save a bit of money, you will lose out on time. The time you spend buying the paint, prepping your walls, and cleaning up afterward means you waste your precious evenings and weekends with a paintbrush in hand! Plus, if you rush, you may end up with a less than perfect finish.

By using professional painters and spending a little bit of extra money upfront, you will be guaranteed a high-quality finish with no paint stains or splotches!

How long will it take to paint a house?

The honest answer is… it depends! It all comes down to the size of the house, the condition the house is in, and the number of items that need painting.

Here’s how long it takes to paint different-sized houses.

Four bedroom house (or bigger)

  • Interior 6 – 8 days
  • Exterior 8 – 10 days

Three bedroom house

  • Interior 4 – 6 days
  • Exterior 5 – 8 days

Two bedroom house

  • Interior 3 – 5 days
  • Exterior 4 – 6 days

In summary: How much does it cost to paint a house?


If you’re looking for specific figures – here is how much it will cost to paint different types of houses. All figures are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Three bedroom house

  • Interior $4,000 – $6,500 
  • Exterior $5,000 – $14,000 

Three bedroom apartment

  • Interior $3,000 – $4,500

Two bedroom apartment

  • Interior $2,500 – $3,800

One bedroom apartment

  • Interior $1,300 – $2,000

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