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Exterior House Painting Costs And Factors Consider

  • Published by: John Doe
  • Date: January 26, 2022

When colouring the exterior walls, you should rely on professional painters to give your home exterior a fresh look. 

Or, if you have already built your new house, how much does it costs to paint the exterior?

Then, this article is for you!

Cost Of Paint According To House Size

The most common method to determine the paint cost of your home exterior is the surface area.

Cost of painting rises as the number of square feet increases, and vice versa.

Professionals offer a price range between 1.5 to 4 dollars per square foot to simplify the process, depending on the factors described below.

To give you a ballpark figure, we have listed the cost range to paint the exterior of a house with bedrooms and a two-story house:

·Bedroom House cost: $7000-10000

·Bedrooms with two-story house cost: $10000-16000 approx.

Other Factors That Determine The Final Painting Price

Considering more than the size and type of siding is required for calculating the final costs of painting your house exterior.

There is a range of other factors that play an essential role.

Location Of House

Giving a new look to your house by painting its exterior charges differently in different areas.

If you live in a posh metro area and have a luxury lifestyle, you must pay twice or more than the average rate.

Painting is comparatively less expensive in isolated, remote areas or rural communities.

The Climate Of The Area

Climate and environmental conditions play essential roles in the cost evaluation of painting a house exterior.

The hot summer season with scorching heat requires more work hours and labour.

It ultimately raises the final cost. Furthermore, the formula and quality of the painting material need to adjust according to the environment of your area.

Preparation Work Before Paint

The preparation stage is the most crucial step before painting any surface.

The price to paint the house exterior depends upon the time required for preparation.

The cost ranges between 2 dollars per square foot, which includes:

·  Scraping

·  Stripping

·  Caulking

·  Sanding

The preparation cost is usually included in the Square Footage painting price budget.

Cost Of Labour

Labour prices might vary from one contracting company to another.

In many areas, 70% to 80% of the painting cost is devoted to the labour sector.

You have to invest as low as $20 (for cheaper contractors) and 100$ per hour (for high-quality contractors) on labour alone.

Your labour expenses may rise if additional work like priming or stripping is necessary.

Quality Of Paint

When discussing paint quality, we must say, “never settle down on a low-quality product.”

High-quality paints indeed uplift the final cost of painting, but it is worth investing for long-term results.

The high-quality paints are formulated with the finest raw materials, which give superior adhesiveness, stability, and colour retention.

Side Walls Repair Can Further Increase the Price

Painting the exterior of your house is a great idea to revamp the whole look. While evaluating the painting cost, you should include all the abovementioned factors in the article.

However, poor house conditions may add additional dollars to the painting cost.

If the siding walls are worn out and in serious need of repair, only waste your paint by doing the essential maintenance.

Talk to the professionals about this renovation; they will tell you whether your house needs mould removal, lead paint removal, replacement of sidings, or something else.

If these repairs are ignored, your new exterior paint could fail to last longer or give the desired finished look.

Bottom Line

Exterior house paint protects your home, adds aesthetic appeal, and increases the value of your property.

The painting of your home’s exterior will cost roughly $7000 to $16000, depending upon many discussed factors.

Your house is your representation; investing in good quality house products uplifts you in society.

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Paintbuddy&CO- Painters Northern Beaches
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