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We bring years of expertise, a commitment to excellence, and a passion for transforming homes into visually stunning masterpieces.

With a reputation for delivering top-tier roof painting services, we are dedicated to adding vibrancy to your home with a beautifully painted roof that looks good and offers lasting protection.

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    roof painting sydney

    Understanding the Significance of Roof Painting Sydney

    The roof is one of the most significant parts of your home. It shields you from the elements and contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of your property.

    A well-maintained roof can also significantly increase the value of your home.

    That's why at Paintbuddy&CO, we offer professional roof painting Sydney services designed to protect and enhance your roof, giving your home a fresh, appealing look.

    The Advantages Of Hiring Us For Roof Painting Services

    Our skilled roof painters in Sydney bring a wealth of experience and skill to every project, ensuring flawless results that enhance the curb appeal and value of your property.

    When it comes to roof painting Sydney, Our painters are not just experts in their field – they are craftsmen who understand the art of transforming homes. They take pride in their workmanship and attention to detail, reflected in the stunning transformations we have accomplished over the years.

    The Benefits Of Our Roof Painting Services

    A freshly painted roof doesn't just improve your home's aesthetic appeal but also has many other benefits. It protects your roof from the harsh Australian weather, extending its lifespan.

    The right type of paint can even reflect heat, reducing your home's temperature during the hot summer months.

    At Paintbuddy&CO, we use high-quality paint designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate to provide the best roof painting services.

    This specialised paint offers superior protection against sun, rain, and wind damage, ensuring your roof remains in excellent condition for years.

    roof painting in brown colour at northern beaches

    The Paintbuddy&CO Roof Painting Process

    Our roof painting Sydney process is as meticulous as it is efficient:


    When It comes to our roof painting process, We start by understanding your requirements and providing a free, no-obligation quote. Our experts will guide you through the process and help you choose the best colour and type of paint for your roof.


    Our team thoroughly cleans and prepares the roof surface to ensure optimal paint adhesion. We remove any loose or flaking paint and treat areas affected by mould, lichen, or rust.

    Start Roof Painting

    We apply the paint meticulously for a smooth, even finish. Our team uses cutting-edge tools and techniques to ensure precision and perfection.

    On-site Roof Inspection

    A final review ensures the job meets our high standards and your satisfaction. We walk you through the finished project, make any necessary touch-ups, and only consider the job done when you are delighted.

    roof painting services in Sydney

    Stand Out from the Crowd

    In the crowded field of Sydney roof painters, Paintbuddy&CO stands out for our commitment to quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.

    As a fully licensed and insured roof painting Sydney company, we adhere to strict safety and quality standards, giving you peace of mind. We believe in transparency and integrity, ensuring you are informed and comfortable throughout the process.

    Cost Estimate

    We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality for our roof painting services. Each quote we provide is tailored to your needs and the project's complexity. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

    Before and After: Visualize the Transformation

    We invite you to browse our gallery of past projects' before and after roof painting images. These pictures showcase our expertise and show how dramatically a fresh coat of paint can transform a roof.

    At Paintbuddy&CO, we don't just paint roofs – we create transformations. We breathe new life into homes, enhancing their beauty and value. We combine our technical skills with our creative flair to deliver results that surpass expectations.

    Experience the Paintbuddy&CO difference today and give your roof the makeover it deserves. Contact us to schedule a consultation, and let us show you what we can do for your home.

    roof painting in sydney
    roof painting sydney


    What People Say About Our Roof Painting Sydney Services

    One of the best painting option in northern beaches, Sydney! We had the entire internals of our house painted plus some exterior painting work. They exceeded expectations and will recommend to friends and family and will hopefully have our roof painted by them in the near future. highly recommend! thanks Connor & his team

    Chris Anderson


    Connor and his team were extremely professional and answered our requests politely and very quickly. Very satisfied with our newly painted roof. Thanks so much!

    Oliver Jin


    Very happy with the team from Paintbuddy. Professional, tidy, prompt and efficient. Happy to recommend!

    Micheal Cliffton


    Connor and his team were genuine, nice people who worked hard the whole time they were at my place. They were very professional, quick and efficient.

    Their quote was clear and precise and the whole process was very smooth.

    They did an excellent job.

    I would definitely recommend them to you… thank you Connor

    Edwina Annand

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is The Process Of Roof Painting?

    Roof painting removes old paint from a roof and then applies new layers.

    The steps involved in this procedure are first to remove all:

    • Peeling,
    • Flaking
    • Chipping
    • Or Loose paint with chemical strippers if necessary before priming.

    Going through this painting procedure allows for better adhesion of the topcoats.

    After then, apply at least two coatings using high-quality paints that have been formulated especially for roofs.

    Is Roof Painting A Good Idea?

    Roof painting goes beyond making an exterior look aesthetically pleasing.

    It also helps protect homes by enhancing their roofs’ ability to block ultraviolet light that causes cracks in windowsills due to exposure over time.

    Other pale colours are particularly effective at blocking this type of radiation if painted white.

    They reflect rather than absorb sunlight onto rooftops.

    These materials collect on them after rainfall events (which prevents water damage).

    Finally, roof paintings prevent houses from being infested with moss which could grow between tiles if not correctly removed when falling leaves cover-up.

    What Is The Best Roof Paint?

    In Northern Beaches, there are a variety of roof paints available that have different characteristics and applications.

    For example, titanium dioxide is an effective reflective coating in sunny areas.

    In contrast, zinc oxide can protect from rusting metal sheets on rooftops with high humidity levels near the ocean.

    We’ll help you to find the best Colour For your Roof painting.

    It can be challenging, especially for homeowners.

    Some need help with frequent colour changes by their builder, while others are unsure what to do with accent colours.

    Even more complicated, roofing contractors offer competing bids on materials that need clarification on how best to go about the project.

    If you’re looking for a truthful assessment and guidance during your next renovation or new construction project, give us a call.

    We’ll help you choose the perfect paint!

    How Much Does Roof Painting Cost ?

    Roof painting costs vary depending on the size of your roof, what part of Sydney you live in and how many colours are involved.

    For example, if you have a two-story house that is 2 x 3 meters (6m2) with one Colour for each level.

    It will cost around $18-$22 per square meter.

    However, if this same house had three levels using three different colours, its price would be closer to $35 /sq m because our painters require much more work.

    It is best to contact us directly to get a precise quote for free.

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