Roof Painting Northern Beaches

You’ve been thinking of getting your roof painting in Northern Beaches for a little while now.

However, where do you start?

How do you stop paint dripping off the roof onto the floor?

And most importantly… how do you do it safely?

When it comes to northern beaches roof painting, Paintbuddy&Co is the solution!

We’ll get the work done quickly, efficiently, and safely, meaning you can tick off your DIY to-do list!

Find out more about the services we offer across Northern Beaches and Sydney, and why we’re the best painter-decorators in the region.

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Why You May Need Roof Painting In Northern Beaches

multiple house roofs for painting in northern beaches

When we’re in our homes, we don’t see the top of our roof.

However, it’s one of the first things that people who enter our homes see.

You may have been living in your home for some time, and you want to give it a touch-up.

It may be the case that you want to repaint it while you repair the other exterior walls of your home.

You may be planning to move home and want to paint it to improve the resale value of your home.

Northern Beaches Roof painting also protects your roof from sunlight and moisture, which can prevent it to deteriorate more quickly.

Different types of paint can also help in different climates too.

For example, if you live near water, mildew or mold-resistant paint can protect your home from harmful spores.

A lighter color paint will reflect the heat if you live somewhere where the temperature is warm.

Find Out More About Why Roof Painting Can Be A Challenging Work.

Why roof painting in Northern beaches can be challenging?

As It is exposed to the elements, you need to clean them thoroughly before painting can begin.

Leaves, insects, dirt, and other debris need to be tidied away to ensure a smooth finish.

Health and safety have to be considered too.

As you are high off the ground, you need safety measures in place to make sure you don’t fall off the roof.

You also need to ensure that equipment does not fall off and damage property or harm others.

With roof painting in Northern Beaches, it is best to leave it to the professionals, which is where We come in.

Why Paintbuddy&Co is the ideal solution for roof painting Northern Beaches

We’re the top painting company in Northern Beaches and Sydney.

We have over a decade of experience painting a wide variety of roofs in the local area.

Whether you need someone to paint the roof of your residential or commercial property, we’re the right team.

Here’s why you should choose Paintbuddy&Co for your Roof painting in Northern Beaches.

We have over ten years of experience as painter-decorators.

We will use the knowledge and skills we have learned over the years to suggest the best paint and finish to suit your home décor and budget.

From the perfect colour to match your exterior walls to the paint that will benefit the local weather conditions, we’re here to help.

Find Out More

Our team of painters will do all the work from start to finish.

We will buy the specialist paint you need for your roof, clean it using our pressure washer and prepare the surrounding areas from spills and paint drops.

Once all the work is done, we’ll tidy up and make sure no debris is left.

Before we start work, we will come to your home or office to give you a free, no-obligation quote.

That way, you will know exactly how much it will cost with no hidden surprises.

We can paint the exterior of your home or the rooms of your home while we touch it up to save your precious time and ensure high-quality paintwork.

We can even carry out other household tasks like repairing furniture or pressure washing your patio!

Leave our experienced and friendly team to it, and you can enjoy your evenings and weekends

Contact us today for roof painting in Sydney and receive your free quote and see how easy painting the roof of your home or office can be.

No job is too big or too small for our expert team of painters!

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Roof Painting Work Done By Our Professional Painters

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roof painting northern beaches
roof painting in sydney

Testimonials From Our Roof Painting Customers

Rosie FitzpatrickRosie Fitzpatrick
14:36 27 Mar 22
They were so prompt with their quote and job was done asap. Fast reliable and exceptional work, so happy I would highly recommend. Professional and friendly and no mess at all, I couldn’t be there the entire time and they left unit impeccable. Great value.
Jacky TangJacky Tang
00:16 26 Mar 22
Connor was very responsive, patient and prompt. He quoted me in the day of request and did a fantastic job with patching up the wall blemishes.I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable and great value painter.Thank you Connor!
Galia DurbachGalia Durbach
21:12 25 Feb 22
Conor and the Paintbuddy team painted the interior of our house in February 2022 and did an excellent job - they were professional and friendly, with attention to detail and were very considerate of our home (we had newly sanded floors and they went out of their way to ensure that they were protected). Very reasonable quote and great quality - also very helpful with practical advice about the best approach. We had walls which required extensive patching and sanding repair to ensure a professional finish and they did a great job. I would highly recommend their services and would definitely use them again.
Michele SpaldingMichele Spalding
22:02 09 Feb 22
I am very pleased with the great job Paintbuddy @ Co did on my house I would recommend them. They were on time, polite, and courteous and the job looks great!
01:11 25 Jan 22
Connor & Arum were absolutely amazing! They transformed my house completely. They were polite, on time & listened to my needs. I also have two very vocal dogs & they were respectful of their needs too. I really appreciate their professionalism, especially with so much rain & the heat. I would highly recommend them. Trish

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Process Of Roof Painting?

Roof painting is the process of removing any old paint from a roof and then applying new layers.

The steps involved in this procedure are first to remove all:

  • Peeling,
  • Flaking
  • Chipping
  • Or Loose paint with chemical strippers if necessary before priming.

By going through this painting procedure allows for better adhesion of the topcoats.

After then, apply at least two coatings using high-quality paints that have been formulated especially for roofs.

Is Roof Painting A Good Idea In Northern Beaches

Roof painting goes beyond making an exterior look aesthetically pleasing.

It also helps protect homes by enhancing their roofs’ ability to block ultraviolet light that causes cracks in windowsills due to exposure over time.

If it is painted white, or other pale colors are particularly effective at blocking this type of radiation.

They reflect rather than absorb sunlight onto rooftops.

These materials collect on them after rainfall events (which prevents water damage).

Finally, roof paintings prevent houses from being infested with moss which could grow in between tiles if not correctly removed when falling leaves cover up.

What Is The Best Roof Paint In Northern Beaches

In Northern Beaches, there are a variety of roof paints available that have different characteristics and applications.

For example, titanium dioxide is an effective reflective coating for in sunny areas.

In contrast, zinc oxide can provide excellent protection from rusting metal sheets on rooftops with high humidity levels near the ocean.

We’ll help you to find the best Colour For your Roof painting.

It can be not easy, especially for homeowners.

Some struggle with frequent color changes by their builder, while others are unsure what to do with accent colors.

Even more complicated, roofing contractors offer competing bids on materials that confuse how best to go about the project.

If you’re looking for a truthful assessment and guidance during your next renovation or new construction project, give us a call

We’ll help you choose the perfect paint!

How Much Does Roof Painting In Northern Beaches Cost

Roof painting costs vary depending on the size of your roof, what part of Sydney you live in and how many colors are involved.

For example, if you have a two-story house that is 2 x 3 meters (6m2) with one Colour for each level.

It will cost around $18-$22 per square meter.

However, if this same house had three levels using three different colors, its price would be closer to $35 /sq m because our painters require much more work.

It is best to contact us directly to get a precise quote for free.

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